our philosophy

It's about Habitat

“As two-thirds of our time is spent where we live and work, RMA Architects embraces the responsibility that arises from the challenge presented by its clients.”

RMA Architects

Our Philosophy:

Architecture is about habitat

Habitat is about enclosure and shelter: Defining the spaces we live, work and play within. Habitat has a powerful impact on how we interact with others; how we feel about ourselves; how we experience life and the world around us on a day to day basis.

Habitat is also about expressing how we intereact with our environment, both on a micro and macro scale. The natural and built environments have a symbiotic relationship.

Designing for enclosure and shelter reflects our inner thoughts and future dreams: In the process it also establishes a legacy. The Mayans, for example, built Machu Picchu approximately 700 years ago to extend a message to humankind well after the Mayan people walked upon the Earth.

“The impact of Architecture, through the creative and building processes, is not to be underestimated.”

Architecture responds to the aspirations of man and the environment – which has no voice but demands recognition and consideration.

Shelter is more than a roof over our heads!